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Be hopeful, you righteous ones...

You shall ascend and enter the
crevices of the earth

And the clefts of the rock forever,
like squirrels...

-1 Enoch 96:1,2, The Pseudepigrapha

Aspect: Celestial (4) (Ratatosk can do the very improbable easily and the Squirrelly Impossible with effort)
Domain: Viscount of Stories (2)
Realm: Citizen (0) (Ratatosk is never really at home, as his true home is the Tree itself)
Anchors Spirit: Hearthfire (1)
Affiliation: Code of the Wild Design: Acorn & Ash
Homeward Bound: From any spot on a world that hangs from the World Tree, Ratatosk can leap to the Tree.
Honored: For his deeds in the past, Ratatosk is treated with the respect usually reserved for Tempests.
Bonds: Handicaps:
Oral Tradition-3
The Tree-3
Central Park-2
Soft Pretzels-1
The Homeless-1
More to Come

Last year, as happens every dozen years or so, Ratatosk grew old and knew he was dying. So he went to Central Park and found a strong young Squirrel and told him the story of Ratatosk and then died. Upon hearing the story of Ratatosk, the young squirrel became Ratatosk. His tiny little squirrel mind expanded, giving up the Bliss of ignorance, and in a flash he knew all the stories. Pausing for one last piece of soft pretzel from his pet human, My Name Is Jack, he made his way to the Inn at the Eye of the Storm and took up his duties.

Ratatosk is well-respected by those who know of his deeds in the past, and this has been noticed by most of those who do not know of his deeds. He is also generally welcome where he goes, for he is cute and often brings good stories with him.