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Be hopeful, you righteous ones...

You shall ascend and enter the
crevices of the earth

And the clefts of the rock forever,
like squirrels...

-1 Enoch 96:1,2, The Pseudepigrapha

In the days of old (and I do mean old), there was a fierce Serpent that lived among the roots of the World Tree who sought to tear out the roots and bring the Tree down. There was also a mighty Eagle with a Hawk perched on his brow (don't ask) who lived in the highest branches and sought its destruction as well. And there was a tiny little squirrel, who was named Ratatosk, who lived in the Tree and loved its nuts.

One day, Ratatosk climbed up the Tree and told the Eagle what horrible things the Serpent was saying about him. This was a lie. Storytellers lie sometimes. Stories never lie. The Eagle was enraged and cursed the Serpent. Ratatosk ran down the Tree and told the Serpent what the Eagle was saying about him. This was not a lie.

Every day, Ratatosk ran up and down the Tree, carrying insults between the two and learning (and telling) stories along the way. And the Eagle and the Serpent grew more interested in their feud than in destroying the Tree.

And that is how Ratatosk saved the Tree and all of the worlds that hang from it like ripe nuts.

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