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Be hopeful, you righteous ones...

You shall ascend and enter the
crevices of the earth

And the clefts of the rock forever,
like squirrels...

-1 Enoch 96:1,2, The Pseudepigrapha

Tina Lane
Background: Tina Lane was a hard-nosed, ambitious New York Times reporter until she investigated a story about a strange squirrel in Central Park. Her fanatic devotion to the truth led her to submit a story that the Times simply couldn't run. That story led to her dismissal.
Home Bonds: Strengths: Strifes:
Character Sheet
4 - Getting Scoops

4 - The Truth

2 - Being Better Than Men

2 - Contacts

4 - Investigative Journalism

2 - Pretty

2 - Bluff

8 - Lost Prestige

1 - Smoker

1- AA Member

My Name Is Jack
Background:My Name is Jack is a New York homeless man who used to feed the squirrel that Ratatosk currently inhabits. He hates ratatosk, but only because he hates everyone. Ratatosk loves him for his generosity with scraps of food.
Bonds: Strengths: Strifes:
3 - Freedom

4 - Self-Sufficiency

3 - My Bags

2 - Knowledge of the Streets

4 - Too Crazy to Convince

2 - Insane Strength

2 - Nobody Wants to Mess with a Schizophrenic

6 - Completely Insane

2 - Hates Everything

1 - Daughter Wants to Commit Him

1 - Afraid of Being Out of the City