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Background Notes

The following are amusing quotes taken from each character's posted backgrounds:


"Her mother died during a robbery when Alexandria was twenty-four. " Alexandria's sordid past comes to light...
"At dusk is when Alexandria will usually take her exercise and alone time."


"Her parents, unfortunately, sometimes refer to her as "Caitie". Others rarely try this, at least not more than once."
"Alone and easily bored, she found ways to amuse herself."
"This was also known as her 'annoying suck up to Dexter phase'."
"not running around the room grinning and shouting her joy at the top of her lungs was the hardest thing she ever did in her life. "


"Galen always had one job or another and just plain spent too much time and energy doing his job."
"The restaurant reopened a few weeks later as Bloody Joes."
"A week later, Dexter appeared in court. He was dirty and unkempt, wearing select scraps of some white enameled armor and buckskin pants and boots."
"Dexter presented his sword to Martin and said simply, 'Father, Ive decided to take the role of Steward.'"


"Galen is much the rogueish playboy."
"He has been avoiding formal duties for centuries now."
"What Galen [seems] to do best is ... carouse."
"wherever he goes, he has no problem finding the company of an attractive lady or three."
"He may not have actually helped at all, but he was there."


"The captain took her on because Grace was cheap..."
"The act got her into the officer ranks."
"While Grace was curious, she could hardly follow to eavesdrop on royalty."
"Dierdre had put off the Vicar's training in order to train [Grace.]"
"Grace was slightly annoyed by [Gustav's] remarks."


"His attire never fails to impress."
"he hasn't gone more than five years in the environs of Amber before setting sail for distant lands."
"Gustav has a bit of an eye for the ladies, although the occasional pretty boy has caught his attention also."